Yellow Cucumber

Yellow cucumber is an heirloom cucumber from Australia that looks like a lemon but tastes like a cucumber.

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Yellow Cucumber

The skin of a yellow cucumber is tougher than an English cucumber but easier to digest than most other types of cucumbers. The seeds of a yellow cucumber are semi transparent, almost having a translucent quality making them seem like invisible seeds. The entire cucumber is edible; seeds, skin and all. A yellow cucumber is remarkably juicer than other types of cucumbers and definitely has a sweeter taste.

Yellow cucumber is an heirloom cucumber, introduced to the American West coast back in the early 1900's by an American stowaway returning from Australia. Once he jumped ship, he planted yellow cucumber seeds along with some other vegetables he smuggled, which began its march across the country. Because it was so unusual and great tasting, the lemon cucumber quickly spread across America and reached the Eest Coast in just a couple of decades thanks in part to the transcontinental railroad. It is thought that the Lemon cucumber originally came from India where historians believe it was first cultivated.

As like with most heirloom vegetables, the Yellow cucumber does not keep well; spoiling not long after it's picked which explains why we do not see the yellow cucumber more on store shelves. Another benefit is that as an heirloom, yellow cucumber seeds can be saved to grow new plants the following season. Take that Monsanto!

Yellow Cucumber Seed

Boothy Blonde - An heirloom variety from Livermore, Maine, where the Boothby family has grown it for several generations. It sets high yields of 6 to 8 cream-colored cukes that are mild and sweet, thin skinned.

Lemon Cuke - The shape, size, and color of a lemon, but the flavor is sweet and mild! This heirloom was introduced in 1894 and is still a favorite today.

When Is It Ripe?

Learning when a yellow cucumber is ripe takes some time to learn. Unlike green cucumber types where ripeness is determined by length, a yellow cucumbers' ripeness is determined by color, and more specifically the right shade of yellow. Trial and error will eventually make you an expert, but generally the right shade of a ripe, ready to pick yellow cucumber is a pale yellow. A ripe yellow cucumber is remarkably juicer than other types of cucumbers and definitely has a sweeter taste.

Yellow Cucumber

Lemmon Cucumber

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