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Melothria | Squirting Cucumber | Creeping Cucumber

creeping cucumber

Melothria Cucumber

Melothria cucumbers, also known as Squirting cucumber, Guadeloupe cucumber or Creeping cucumber are a type of cucumber found growing naturally in the tropics. Melothria cucumbers have recently been grown in the southern United States and in greenhouses up north. It is more widely grown as a creeping plant or ground cover.

Melothria cucumbers have spread to more northern climes the last couple of decades as far north as Illinois and Pennsylvania. Melothria cucumbers are tiny; resembling a smooth skinned seedless watermelon. Melothria cucumbers grow to only about 1 or 2 inches long, taking approximately 75 days to mature. Melothria cucumbers are delicious when picked young. Melothria flowers are very small, but strikingly beautiful as many of these yellow flowers dot the dark green foliage of the plant.

The Only Cucumber With Protien

Scientists have determined that Melothria cucumbers are one of the few vegetables in the world that contain protein like beans and peas, which is why it is presently being considered as a natural, organic livestock feed instead of the artificial, processed and expensive animal feed currently in use. This “wild species” of cucumber also contains water, vitamins and minerals. The economic value of the Melothria is that livestock can eat the entire plant including the cucumbers, which makes it very economical. The plant brakes down into a proportion of 12.6% protein, 56.8% carbohydrates and 16.30% fiber, not bad for a weed!

Unusual Cucumber

Melothria | Squirting Cucumber | Creeping Cucumber

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