Slicing Cucumber

Top slicing cucumber varieties for pots, gardens and the farm

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Slicing Cucumber Varieties

There are many types of slicing cucumbers including Straight Eight cucumbers, Sugar Crunch cucumbers, Early Pride cucumbers, Iznik container cucumbers, Slice Master, Victory, Comet cucumbers and Marketplace cucumbers. There are slicing cucumbers for the you can grow in the garden, a container or the farm.

Slicing Cucumber For Pots

Iznik Hybrid cucumbers are ideally suited for growing in pots, planters and garden containers. These Iznik hybrid cucumbers are described as a gourmet cocktail cucumber, unmatched for its milder flavor and crisp fresh taste. Iznik Hybrid cucumbers are good producers growing perfect little pickles in just 60 days.

Slicing Cucumber For The Garden

Straight Eight cucumbers are probably the most popular slicing cucumber to grow in your garden. It grows well in most climates, particularly in the North and is a prolific producer, setting 20 or 30 cucumbers per plant. They are best for slicing when they reach 7 or 8 inches in length.

Sugar Crunch cucumbers are the perfect slicing cucumber for a cool summer salad on those hot summer days. A crisp and crunchy texture goes well with fresh salad greens and sliced radishes in a mixed green salad or combined with corn chips in a Southwestern salad. It is an exceptionally high producer (about 50 or 60 cucumbers per plant) because of its production of mostly female flowers. Plants are compact which makes them perfect for a garden.

Early Pride cucumbers produce even more cucumbers, up to 100 per plant given the right growing conditions. Bumper crops of over 150 cucumbers per plant have been reported. It is adaptable to many growing climates and renown for its flavor. These premium slicing cucumbers begin producing earlier than most other types of slicing cucumbers and keep on producing well into the summer. Early Pride cucumbers are mildew and virus resistant.

Slicing Cucumber On The Farm

Slice Master cucumbers are the preferred pick of cucumber farmers. Slice Master cucumbers require little field maintenance and produce high yields per acre. They are suitable for machine harvesting and have thick skins resulting in less damage. High production of female flowers are the reason Slice Master cucumbers produce such high yields.

Victory cucumbersare heirloom cucumbers that are still grown as a commercial cucumber today. Popular with farmers around the world, Victory cucumbers have a dense flesh, small seeds and an attractive dark green skin that gives then attractive store shelf appeal. An abundance of female flowers make these slicing cucumbers high yield producers in the field.

Comet cucumbers are the preferred commercial variety of cucumber for open field cultivation and greenhouse production. Comet slicing cucumber may be the earliest maturing cucumber at 40 days after transplant. This slicing cucumber is categorized as a medium slicing cucumber because it is best picked at about 6 inches. It is medium green in color, has a thick flesh and very few seeds. Comet cucumbers are also great storing cucumbers. They are also heat tolerant and resistant to many viruses and mildew.

Marketmore cucumbers are great slicing cucumbers with probably the best built in resistance to even the most persistent strains of virus and mildews. Marketmore cucumbers, as the name may imply, is a perfect little cucumber for those garden markets because it virtually has no bitter taste. Marketmore cucumbers plants are compact with vines that are only about 6 feet long. Marketmore cucumbers bears loads of 9 to 10 inch, straight, white pinned cucumbers with some vines setting as many as 160 great tasting cukes.

Slicing Cucumber

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