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In an effort to create a seedless cucumber, plant breeders used gravity is to grow English Cucumber long, straight and narrow.

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English Cucumber - A Creeping Gourd

English Cucumber Is A Member Of The Gourd Family

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Seedless Cucumber

The English cucumber as it became know, is one of the most popular eating cucumbers in the world. Although breeders were not able to get rid of the seeds entirely, the few that remain are soft, transparent and entirely edible.

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Gravity Fed Cucumber

Although English cucumbers are genetically disposed to grow longer than other types of cucumbers, they can more than double if grown from a trellis.

cucumber greenhouse

Greenhouse Cucumbers

Italian Dark is an exceptionally long English cucumber variety growing over 16 inches in length. This cucumber has been bred specifically for greenhouse growing and is the English cucumber featured in the produce section of your supermarket.

flowering cucumber

Self Pollinating Cucumber

Seedless came with a price however, because early varieties of English Cucumber only produced female flowers and were not able to reproduce. Eventually, plant breeders perfected varieties that would self-pollinate.

Thin Skinned Cucumber

A longer cucumber means a thinner skin, which can be easily damaged, which is why English cucumbers are wrapped in plastic before shipping.

cucumbers growing on a trellis

Garden Cucumbers

English Telegraph is a popular garden variety of English cucumber suitable for temperate growing zones. It will grow long like the greenhouse variety if you grow the plant up a trellis. A lean-to trellis works best with the long side growing the plants facing the sun.

English Cucumber

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